Formed in early 2015

in Oslo, Norway

The band

Half of the band are Polish, half Norwegian. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Adrian Dzieciol, drummer Dimitri Hermannsson, guitarist Andreas Midtgård and bassist Marcin Dzieciol. Most of the members are currently 19 years old.

  • Adrian Dzieciol
    Adrian Dzieciol vocals & guitar
  • Andreas Midtgård
    Andreas Midtgård guitar
  • Marcin Dzieciol
    Marcin Dzieciol bass
  • Dimitri Hermannsson
    Dimitri Hermannsson drums

The first year and a half was spent in the rehearsing room, preparing for what was to come.
In the summer of 2016 Liverum entered Hertz studio (Decapitated, behemoth) to record their debut album “Discover Your Land”. After a lot of hard work and time “Discover Your Land” was released and met with good response in June 2017.
Liverum has now released a music video to the track “Hunter” made with Grupa 13 from Poland.

Liverum’s music is made of fast heavy riffs and fast Paced drumbeats. But at the same time beautiful and energetic melodies. It’s hard to put a genre on the music so the best way to find out is to listen.

“Now from here I’m travelling to another world
with no intolerance, no wars, no violence”