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In Others Words

  • Liverum - the best debut album that we recorded for last few years. Very talented guys, they know what they want. Really curious their new stuff.

    Hertz Studio
  • Liverum not only meet the requirements, they channel a lot of the best aspects of groove-driven heavy music that tend to hook me. Take Gojira, Chaos A.D.-era Sepultura, and the spirit of NYHC, and that’s a pretty good summary of the Liverum sound. There might arguably be some melodic death metal in there, too, I’ll let you decide that.

    No Clean Singing
  • The riffs, drumming, and bass work are among the most proficient that you’ll hear. The fact that this is the debut record of this band makes that all the more impressive. The production is also top notch, with every element of the band sitting in the mix nicely. What’s certain here, is that the band is a heavyweight contender with a hard-hitting set of songs that contain big riffs, big vocals, and a mastery of their style.

    It djents
  1. Natural Elements Liverum 4:54
  2. Willingness Liverum 5:31
  3. Meadow Liverum 5:57
  4. Glacier Liverum 7:08
  5. After Our Time Liverum 4:52
  6. Courageous Hearts Liverum 5:17
  7. Discover Your Land Liverum 7:43
  8. Callousness Liverum 3:35
  9. Hunter Liverum 4:18
  10. Come To My World Liverum 6:37
  11. Sunset Liverum 6:18
  12. Nebula Liverum 6:48
  13. Spring Liverum 2:43